67How can we help?

How can we help?

What we can help you with

HUS always gives support in questions regarding renting arrangements. As a student or someone who rent housing to students, you are always welcome to call us. We can answer questions such as what is a reasonable rent, what the rules are for termination of a contract and much more. If needed, we can support tenants in legal matters regarding their housing. This help is free for tenants living in housing for which HUS negotiates the rent


Due to the housing shortage sublease is common in Uppsala and the rental terms are not always in line with the laws. The laws regarding housing rental usually supports the tenant and they override the rental terms.

Be present at the inspection!

We recommend that the tenant always is present at the inspection when moving out. It is not uncommon that tenants are charged several thousand sek for not having cleaned properly after moving out. If you are present at the inspection you might get the chance to fix what is needed and thereby avoid an unnecessary cost.