111Answered questions

Answered questions

In general, a good first step is to ask your landlord if that is appropriate.

What can I do about a neighbour who repeatedly plays loud music and even drums in his apartment? I’ve asked if he could keep it down but he won’t.

You may contact your landlord. However, living in an apartment you must put up with some noise.


May I change wallpapers in my apartment?

Contact your landlord if you want to repaint or change wallpaper in your apartment. Usually it is allowed if it is done properly.


Quite often it smells like someone is smoking inside and of os. Do I have to put up with that?

You should have a functional ventilation, but some os you may have to put up with. Contact your landlord about the problem.


May I have a barbeque in the yard?

Yes, but be careful.


I was offered to lodging for six month periods, but when I got the contract the first period was from 1/1 to 31/8 and the second from 1/9 to 31/12. Should I accept that? It seems like she is trying to make sure to have a lodger during the summer when it is harder to find one.

As a tenant or lodger, you can always terminate your contract with three months’ notice, so you could just terminate it at a suitable time. However, I would not recommend that as you still must live together for another three months. Maybe you could contact her and ask if you can meet her half-way (so the contract ends 31/7).


At which date does the termination of a contract take effect? I have two months’ termination time, so if I terminate my contract 14/2, do I have to be out 14/4 or 30/4?

Termination of a contract takes effect the last day in the month, so you must be out by 30/4 regardless of when in February you terminate your contract.


I’ve heard that you’re allowed to have pets in your apartment even if the contract does not allow it (unless the landlord have special reasons for it). Is that correct?

There is no support in the law for not allowing pets in apartments. However, you must take good care of your apartment and make sure that your pet does not disturb the neighbours. Try talk to your landlord about it and see if you can agree on a solution.


The children in the apartment above runs around screaming early in the morning. We have asked their parents to do something about it but they won’t. Is there something we can do about it?

Some noise must be tolerated, but if it is a big problem and your neighbours do not listen you should talk to the landlord.


How long should I have to wait for the landlord to fix problems that I have reported? One of the fridges in my dorm is broken. I reported it a month ago and nothing have happened. The landlord blames the company they hired to fix for being slow.

You pay for a certain service, which includes functional fridges. That another company is not taking its responsibility might be a reason to why it takes time, but that does not relive the landlord of his/her responsibilities. Contact the landlord again, ask for the problem to be fixed and tell him/her that you have been in contact with HUS. Contact us again if nothing happens after that and we might be able to provide legal help.


There has been a water leak in my apartment and now they have a fan in my bathroom to dry it up. It is noisy and must be on for at least one week. Am I entitled any compensation?

You should be compensated for the electricity the fan consumes. Depending on how much inconvenience it causes, you may also be entitled a rent reduction.


I had some problems with my stove that I reported. The landlord told me that it was probably due to some water getting into it and that I should be more careful with water around it. Yesterday when I got back home there was a note on the stove telling me that it was fixed. I am not comfortable with someone entering my apartment without telling me, should I have to accept such behaviour?

You should not have to accept anyone entering your apartment without informing you unless the situation is urgent. Inform your landlord about that you think this was poorly handled. As no damage was done, you cannot expect and compensation.


What are the requirements for being allowed to sublease your apartment? Is moving in with your partner “for testing that it works” an acceptable reason?

Your landlord should accept that reason. If he/she do not, contact us and we will help you.


My wallpapers are worn and in need of replacement. What should I do?

Contact your landlord about it and ask for an inspection. After that they will decide if the wallpapers should be replaced.


My apartment is very cold. Should I have to accept that?

The temperature in an apartment should not be below 18 degrees unless for shorter periods of very cold weather. Talk to your landlord about it. Temperature in apartments are measured in the middle of a room, one meter above the floor.


I am lodging in the basement of another family’s house. After having people over and being too loud twice, my landlord locked the washing room as a punishment. Is he allowed to do that? We agreed verbally that should have access to the washing room before writing the contract.

Verbal agreements should be kept and such behaviour with the law. Your landlord has the right to ask you to be quiet, but locking the washing room as a punishment is not allowed. He could start the process to terminate your contract, but other forms of punishment are not allowed.


Our washing room has been closed for a month now, despite the landlord telling us that it should have opened two weeks ago. Are we entitled any compensation?

You are entitled some compensation, probably around 5 % of your rent, but it is hard to give an exact figure. Contact the landlord about your demands, and if he refuses, contact us again.


Why can’t I book the washing machines in my washing room? Having to go to the washing room and hope for the best is annoying.

It is usually your local tenant’s association that is responsible for the booking system of the washing rooms. Contact them about the issue.


Is there something I can do about all the outdoor cats in my area? They are a sanitary problem.

Contact your landlord about the problem.


What does HUS think about the construction of energy efficient housing in Uppsala?

HUS does not have any specific opinion of energy efficient housing.


I was billed 1435 sek for a crack in my sink when moving out, is that reasonably?

Yes, the cost indicates that they have deducted some from the price for age. You might want to check that with them to be sure.


May I store things in the trapphus?

No, you may not due to the fire hazard. Contact your landlord if you need more space for belongings.


May I install a kikhål in my door?

You are probably allowed to do that if it is properly done. To be on the safe side, contact your landlord about it.


May I install network equipment and cables in my apartment?

Ask your landlord.


Can my sister transfer her contract to me when she moves out? We live together but she is the only one who’s on the contract and she’ll move out next semester.

To be allowed to transfer a contract you must have shared household for a longer period (usually two years). Check what your landlord’s rules are for transferring contracts.


May I barbecue on my balcony?

No. It is not allowed due to the fire hazard and as the smoke may disturb your neighbours.


How do I rent one of your community halls?

Contact the local tenant’s association in your area.


What are the landlords legal support for requiring the apartment to properly cleaned before moving out?

It is part of your responsibility to take care of your apartment.


For how long after moving out may the landlord demand compensation for damages to the apartment?

The landlord has two years to make such claims.


Can I live in student housing with my partner who doesn’t study?



I have problems with pests in my apartment. The first try to get rid of them failed. Because of this I’ve been unable to live in my apartment for periods. What are my rights?

You may be entitled a reduction on your rent for problems with your housing. If you cannot live in your apartment, contact the company where you have your household insurance.


I’m subleasing and I think she who has the contract is charging me more than she pays in rent and I’m not sure if she has the landlord’s permission to sublease. What are my rights?

Check our FAQ and legal pages.


Can I rent a student apartment while working?

If you are studying at the same time, yes. Otherwise it is not allowed.


Do HUS have a queue system for housing?

No. We are a tenant’s association for student housing in Uppsala and does not have any housing to offer.